My past and present advisers' webpages

1. Tami Bond at UIUC and CSU

2. Jeff Pierce at CSU

3. Virendra Sethi at IIT-Bombay


Earth System PhD openings, Jobs and misc. Mailing Lists and people and labs

A non-exhaustive list of major atmospheric scientists and their labs.

Met-jobs: maintained by UK Met Office.

ES-Jobs: maintained by US NCAR.

ES-Jobs spreadsheet: not related to the previous ES-Jobs. Community maintained.

Climate and Sustainability Jobs: maintained by IISD.

All IISD mailing list picker



My go-to cheat-sheets and online tools for various scientific calculations and simple education:

University of Colorado Professor Jose Jimenez's fun little cheat-sheet for simple atmospheric science calculations.

Online chemistry all-in-one tool.

Colorado State University Professor Jeff Pierce's online aerosol microphysics model.

University of Illinois Professor Nicole Riemer's online and downloadable education tool for atmospheric science.

University of Florida's online aerosol science learning tool.


Colorado State University Professor A. Scott Denning's online toy models for climate and related topics.

Columbia University Professor Jim Hansen's climate data page: contains tons of information on emissions and impacts on climate. Great plots too!

Coding and visualization

When you can't download a Python package in Windows using python -m pip install package_name command, download the whl instead.

A few color-palette generators I use for Python colormaps:

Color cheat-sheet for R

R by Example

Data analysis and visualization in R: from U of Oregon

A great tool for data analysis: has four columns -- MATLAB, R, Python, and Julia with examples on how to do the same thing in all the languages. Comes from that does it for many more applications for many languages.


Things I wish I'd known earlier: contains tons of resources regarding writing, management, etc.

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